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Case Study: Delivering Exceptional Results

Case Study: Recruit Qualified


When a prestigious university embarked on an ambitious research study, they needed more than just participants; they required the right participants—and swiftly. Recruit Qualified, known for their expertise in lead generation, was brought onboard to assist. Presented with the challenge to deliver two leads within 48 hours, Recruit Qualified not only met this target but exceeded it, eventually contributing five key leads towards the university's goal.

Client Overview:

The university, an institution with a stellar reputation for groundbreaking research, was on a mission. Their latest study needed a specific set of 20 participants. Aware of the challenging road ahead, they turned to Recruit Qualified, counting on their unparalleled expertise in connecting clients with the right candidates.

Challenges Identified:

  • A tight recruitment window: The need to onboard 20 participants within a set timeframe.
  • An immediate ask: Deliver two leads within the tight span of 48 hours.
  • Precision recruitment: The task to identify and engage the right set of participants.

The Recruit Qualified Strategy:

Rapid & Targeted Lead Generation:

Responding to the urgency, Recruit Qualified launched a finely-tuned lead generation campaign. Leveraging their vast database and analytical prowess, they swiftly pinpointed participants fitting the bill. Through a mix of online and offline techniques, three top-tier leads were generated within the first 48 hours—a direct hit beyond the university's expectations.

Diligent Follow-ups:

Recruit Qualified understands the value of continuous engagement. Post the initial lead generation, they instituted a structured follow-up regimen, ensuring these leads were not just interested but also informed and ready to participate.

Reactivation of Dormant Leads:

Beyond the fresh leads, Recruit Qualified dug deeper, identifying two prospects who had shown prior interest but had lapsed into inactivity. With targeted communication, these dormant leads were rekindled and brought back into the recruitment fold.

Impact Delivered:

  • Overachievement: From the expected two, a total of five high-quality leads were delivered.
  • Full Cohort Achieved: Thanks to diligent follow-ups and reactivations, the university met its target of 20 participants.
  • Client Delight: Beyond numbers, what stood out was Recruit Qualified's unwavering commitment to the success of the study, leaving the university not just satisfied but truly impressed.


Recruit Qualified's tailored strategy, steadfast follow-ups, and the knack for re-engaging prospects played a decisive role in the university's successful patient cohort completion. This endeavor serves as a testament to how Recruit Qualified's deep industry knowledge and adaptive methodologies can not just meet, but substantially outpace set objectives.

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