About Us

Pioneers in Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

At Recruitqualified.com, we redefine patient recruitment for clinical trials. More than just an agency, we’re pioneers and solution creators. Boasting over ten years of marketing prowess coupled with an intricate knowledge of clinical research, our leadership in this arena sets us apart from peers like ClinicalConnection, AutoRecruitment, and SubjectWell. We understand the frustration many have experienced with clinical trial recruitment agencies, often feeling disillusioned and skeptical about their effectiveness. We’re here to prove that not all companies in this field are alike.

Pioneering Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment for Excellence in Trials

Recruitqualified.com is the brainchild of Coye Burns, a forward-thinking innovator with extensive experience in technology and clinical trials, backed by a decade of expertise in marketing. The genesis of this venture was driven by a dedication to tackle the widespread challenges in patient recruitment and retention encountered by research sites and sponsors. From the very beginning, our mission has been crystal clear: to transform the patient recruitment process in clinical trials. We aim to make it not only more effective and efficient but also to ensure a smoother patient enrollment journey in studies.

Recruit Qualified – Where Cutting-Edge Recruitment Meets Clinical Trial Excellence

At Recruit Qualified, we redefine excellence in clinical trial patient recruitment, distinguishing ourselves as the agency that refers more patients than any other in the industry. Central to our approach is the integration of AI-powered pre-screening tools, ensuring the selection of the most suitable candidates for your clinical trials. We prioritize the quality and suitability of patients, going beyond mere quantity to find the perfect match.

Our approach is dynamic and responsive; we are capable of initiating patient referrals within just 24 hours. Our operational efficiency is bolstered by our fully-staffed call center, focused on accelerating the recruitment process. Whether it’s proactive engagement with potential participants or efficiently managing your existing database, our team guarantees smooth and effective communication. Complementing this is our advanced patient appointment reminder system, designed to keep participants engaged and committed throughout the trial.

Our marketing strategy at Recruitqualified.com is comprehensive and dynamic, utilizing high-traffic digital platforms such as Hulu and Spotify, and connecting with healthcare professionals via LocalStudyHub.com. We extend our reach through targeted advertising on Facebook and numerous other digital channels, ensuring we connect with patients exactly where they are searching for information about their conditions. This all-encompassing approach not only significantly increases the visibility of your clinical trials but also guarantees engagement with a diverse and relevant audience. In contrast to the typical results from standard patient recruitment agencies, where you might expect five suitable patients, our methods consistently yield ten times more qualified candidates who are ready to participate in your study.

At Recruit Qualified, we are not just committed to meeting your patient recruitment needs; we aim to surpass them. By combining our unmatched referral rate, rapid start-up capability, innovative technology, and strategic marketing, we are fully equipped to transform your patient recruitment challenges into remarkable successes, driving your clinical trials forward with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness.