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Case Study: Transforming Patient Outreach at a Leading Clinical Research Center

Clinical Research Center Case Study

The Challenge:

A leading Clinical Research Center stood on the brink of launching a pivotal phase III trial. Yet, they faced a significant hurdle. Their extensive patient database held a wealth of potential candidates, but the manual process of calling and screening each was taxing in terms of time and effort. The recruitment team was under pressure, knowing that any inefficiencies could derail the trial's timetable.

The RQ-LiveAgent Approach:

From the get-go, RQ-LiveAgent introduced a transformative strategy. Eschewing complex, burdensome systems, RQ-LiveAgent incorporated a dedicated on-demand agent equipped with state-of-the-art dialer technology. This wasn't merely a tool—it was a bespoke, external solution seamlessly integrating with the center's existing recruitment strategies.

Guided by RQ-LiveAgent's expert, the patient outreach became streamlined and strategic. The tedious chore of manual calls became a thing of the past. Every potential participant was reached out to promptly, maximizing the value of every engagement.

The Impact:

Within a matter of weeks, the center witnessed an impressive 60% surge in effectively prescreened and registered patients. Concerns about trial delays dissipated, allowing the center to refocus on its primary mission: pioneering in clinical research.

Upon the triumphant conclusion of the phase III trial, the center lauded the pivotal role of RQ-LiveAgent's adept agent and their avant-garde technology in reshaping their recruitment landscape.