case study #2


The Unfolding Challenge:

An esteemed clinical trial site was on the verge of kickstarting a significant Phase III clinical trial. To support their recruitment drive, they collaborated with the industry’s reputed agencies: Autorecruitment and Subjectwell. Their reputation preceded them, leading the trial site to anticipate a robust influx of candidates.

But as the recruitment phase unfolded, the anticipated surge in candidates remained a mirage. Autorecruitment was churning out a modest 3-8 potential candidates every week, while Subjectwell’s numbers hovered between 10-12. These figures posed a challenge for the clinical trial site, prompting them to rethink their strategy.

Recruit Qualified Steps Up:

Spotting the gap, Recruit Qualified presented its expertise. Moving away from convention, they implemented an avant-garde recruitment approach, prioritizing precision-targeted campaigns to attract genuinely interested and fitting participants.

The Game-Changing Results:

The transformation was not just evident, it was profound. Within a week, Recruit Qualified began delivering an average of 50 potential candidates. These weren’t just mere numbers; these candidates seamlessly fit the trial’s criteria, ensuring streamlined progression in subsequent trial phases.


When the dust settled, the picture was clear. While Autorecruitment and Subjectwell had their moments, Recruit Qualified stood apart, delivering both in volume and precision. Their strategy of blending technological savvy with deep industry understanding set a new gold standard in patient recruitment.

Take The Next Step With Recruit Qualified:

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